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Keep active, even during the working week

Published on: Friday, 21st August 2009 01:03 AM     By      Administrator

Hard labor no longer means heading down the mines. For most of us it means eight hours in front of a computer.

The idea is to adapt Lifestyle exercise. Lifestyle exercise simply involves choosing to handle everyday activities in such a way that they become small exercise opportunities. We all know, even if we don’t do it ourselves, that physical activity improves our health, lowers stress levels, and increases energy. For business, the benefit of physically active employees is clear – inactive workers take 27 percent more sick leave than active colleagues As the Economist Intelligence Unit noted recently, companies that encourage physical activity and work with employees to improve their health, create a motivated, productive workforce. Wellness programs, as these schemes are known, can result in:

* 20 percent more revenue per employee

* More than 16 percent higher market value

* 57 percent higher shareholder returns.

Wellness programs can take many forms. The Financial Times has reviewed different types and the value they bring to companies. Not all schemes involve tracksuits and sneakers; Ten tips for office activity:

1. Pit yourself against colleagues and have stair races

2. Invite a colleague to join you for a walk after lunch

3. Install a new printer further away from your workspace

4. Instead of emailing or phoning, walk over to your colleagues and speak to them face-to-face

5. Invite a colleague for a cup of tea or coffee and walk around while drinking and chatting

6. Keep moving – take a break, walk around for a couple of minutes, stretch, take a few deep breaths

7. Tidy your desk and empty the trash can outside

8. Get a wireless headset for your phone and move around while making calls

9. Park your car at the far end of the car park

10. Get off the bus, metro or tram a few stops earlier than usual and walk the remaining distance

Source: DirectLife